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Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

Mandarin Morning school, located beside Jingaan Temple, is an official test center of HSK test Shanghai. As one of the most famous Chinese schools in Shanghai, we provide Mandarin Chinese courses including listening, reading and writing for over 300 international students who learn Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai.

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 Summer Camp in Shanghai

Mandarin Morning makes an interaction-oriented mandarin learning experience in Summer Camp 2014 in Shanghai! The students who wish to take part will not only learn Mandarin in an immersed environment but also experience the amazing Chinese culture and history as well as delicious Chinese food. Our experienced and professionally qualified teachers organize the high quality Chinese Language Summer Program for young students from primary school to university. You will receive well-designed Chinese courses, a wide range of sports and other leisure activities, a full and varied entertainment program and a selection of fascinating excursions during the summer program. Mandarin Morning Summer Camp 2014 will stimulate students’ imaginations and make them launch on a lifetime voyage of discovery both inside the classroom and out.
Summer camp is a perfect combination of Chinese language and Chinese culture experience. At Mandarin Morning Summer Camp 2014, students will make new friends as well as learn Chinese language and discover China and grow! And they will gain the confidence and motivation in learning Chinese, which can make them unstoppable in learning Chinese. 
Mission Statement
The “Mandarin Morning Summer Camp for American High School Students” aims to promote exchange between the youth of Shanghai and other countries and enhance the understanding of teenagers of Chinese language and culture, which helps to stimulate their interest in Chinese learning.
Camp Activities
During the program, students will be studying Chinese language and culture (paper-cutting, calligraphy, brush painting, tea ceremony, martial arts, etc.), participating in various sports and cultural activities (friendly basketball matches, international student get- togethers, host family experiences, etc.); and visiting points of interest of China's long history and sites of natural beauty.
a. Qualifications to Apply
Students currently enrolled in credited public/private high schools who meet the following qualities:
(1)European Citizenship;
(2) Without any Chinese learning background or having studied Chinese for less than 3 years (including all Chinese beginners and students in Chinese I, II, and III);
(3) Student of years9 to 12 aging from 14 to 18;
(4) Excellent academic record, and be interested in Chinese language and culture;
(5) Physically capable of international travel.
Group teachers are required to meet the following qualities:
(1) K‐12 teaching experiences, preference will be given to Chinese language teachers;
(2) A wealth of student management experience;
(3) Experiences in living or staying in China (not traveling) with an understanding of Chinese current conditions;
(4) Love teaching; being responsible and compatible;
(5) Outstanding communication skills and adaptive capacity;
(6) Physical capability of international travel.
b. Application and Selection Procedure
Qualified applicants need to submit their application form, together with personal application letter and a recommendation letter from schools or teachers to respective Confucius Institutes. Group teachers should also submit their resumes to respective Confucius Institutes. Individual Confucius Institute will conduct primary selections in accordance with the application materials, identify qualified candidates, and summarize information into a list which will be submitted to Hanban for the final decision. Hanban will inform each Confucius Institute with the final selection results.
Program Costs & Fees
Students and teachers are responsible for the costs of round-trip air tickets and international travel insurance. Hanban will assume all the costs for accommodations, local transportation, and all group activities and sightseeing for students and group teachers during their stay in China.
Students Comments
a. Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. Its natural beauty and friendly people changed my perception of China. Now, greatest wish is to improve my Chinese level and go back to see my lovely friends in China.
--by Lauren Stotts from Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
--卡拉尼(Kalani High School)Xiu Xiu Cooney
b. The summer camp is fantastic! I love all the activities and all the participants. I hope this program will never end. Thank you!
--by Xiu Xiu Cooney from Kalani High School
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